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    • Our company which produces brass in nonferrous metals sector, continues to exist by accepting the awareness of environmental protection and Occupational Health and Worker Safety issues as the first step of its works in every stage of its activity.

      "Sustainable environment", "safe working environment", "keeping people in the forefront" are mottos that determine our road map under the changing needs, evolving technologies, challenging competition conditions.

      With all legal requirements in mind, we carry out our production activities, in connection with non-written policies of our facility and our culture but most importantly with the purpose of leaving a livable world for our children, who are the guarantee of our future.


      SARBAK METAL A.Ş., which produces brass chock, brass ingot and brass bars sector, has taken great care to ensure that all its activities are in compliance with legal regulations and legislation since its establishment and has adopted it as its policy.

      SARBAK METAL SAN. TİC. A.Ş. management and employees, we all undertake to comply with
      • all applicable environmental legislation and regulations that concern TIC. A.Ş. and promise to do the followings;
      • We will keep all solid, liquid and gaseous wastes under control and will not throw harmful waste into the environment as much as possible.
      • We will eliminate all of our non-recycled wastes, or have them eliminated.
      • We will ensure efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources
      • We will provide the best possible working environment for our employees.
      • We will keep our Environmental Management System up to date according to the new developments
      • In order to reach our environmental targets, we will carry out activities necessary for the creation and development of environmental awareness in our employees.
      • We will provide guidance about environment to the suppliers which we buy goods and services from.
      • We will keep our Environmental Management System open to public scrutiny when requested.


      • With respect to the OHSAS management system, we are committed to ensure that OHSAS policy is understood, implemented and sustainable by all employees and all departments, and we will take all necessary precautions in this direction,
      • To protect the occupational health and safety of our employees who we regard as the most valuable resource and in this direction we will comply with all legal requirements regarding occupational health and safety; especially compliance with accident prevention and safety regulations,
      • By setting new goals and targets every year, to ensure the continuous improvement of our OHSAS system; we will be one of the leading companies in copper alloys and brass production regarding OHSAS,
      • To ensure the safety of the machines, equipment and facilities we use in our activities and we will provide facility safety and operational safety in processes, services and activities,
      • To contribute to the development of responsibility consciousness by providing our managers and employees with a sense of their place and responsibilities in this system through the training programs we will organize,
      • To increase productivity through continuous improvement in the occupational health and safety management system,
      • To provide the necessary resources for effective operation of the health and safety management system,
      • To perform periodic audits to confirm that the OHSAS management system is operating effectively,
      • To minimize the impact of possible job accidents,
      • To create a good and effective communication channel about OHSAS issues with the official institutions, authorities, suppliers, subcontractors, non-governmental organizations, local communities, the entire community and other stakeholders,
      • To act with all applicable laws and regulations in order to provide the best quality service to our clients' requests and projects,
      • To protect the personal rights of our employees according to current requirements, and to protect our employees,
      • To update and develop plans and programs related to social responsibility every year at our company,
      • To stick to local, national, cultural, moral and ethical values in our relationships with our employees, suppliers, customers and all third party stakeholders.

      REACH & CLP

      On June 1 2007, REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals - including Metals - Registration, Evaluation and Permission) has entered into force. Although at first glance the REACH Regulation is seen as an application that only concerns the chemical industry, it is also closely related to the metal manufacturing industry.

      SARBAK METAL has agreed with RGS, TEK Representative firm, to fulfill its duties under the REACH Regulation. Within the scope of our agreement, RGS Tek Representative Company implemented things to do according to bylaw firstly by PREREGISTRATION phase followed by the REGISTRATION process.

      In this respect, we can manage alloy (in other words billet and ingot in our sector) exports to EU member countries without any problem.

      For our customers exporting to European Union countries; Due to the fact that SARBAK METAL's products are in the object category, they can continue their business activities without any problems. Our company keeps up-to-date with the List of Items Subject to Permission referred to in Regulation-14 for our filled, hollow and profiled brass bar productions which fall into the category of goods and SVHC List in which there are candidate items for entering into Annex 14. We make commitment to keep our products compliant with the SVHC List by renewing our analysis when new items are added to the list."


      Sarbak Metal Tic. and San. A.Ş. provides all the requirements in CLP Regulation. Regarding the "labeling" heading of the CLP Regulation; in the CLP Regulation, Annex I, item 1.3.4 it is stated that "solid metals and / or alloys do not have to be labeled if the metals and / or alloys are not dangerous when they contact with the skin in humans, when they are inhaled, or when they contact with the aquatic environment in accordance with the provisions of this Regulation". Each element of our products has been investigated within the accepted sources of European Union and it has been found out that there is no substance with the dangerous property as mentioned above.

      Despite all these, the requirements of the CLP Regulations are fulfilled during this registration process due to the fact that 2 of the raw materials used in our facility have been registered by us and the other raw materials have been registered by our suppliers within the scope of REACH application. Most of our products exported to EU countries are in the object category and they are out of the scope of CLP implementation.

      REACH & CLP Dokümanlar

      REACH Registry SVHC Declaration Annex 17 Declaration ISO REACH and CLP Information Presentation KOSGEB CLP Regulation Presentation GRONTMIJ REACH and CLP Information Presentation EASTMAN REACH AND CLP Presentation CLP liability ANNEX14 Declaration










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